The Lovelace Trust Today


Objects of the Trust:

To relieve, either generally or individually, persons under the age of 25, who are in conditions of need, hardship or distress, with a preference for such persons who are relations of John Lovelace (by whose will, proved at London on 8th May 1806, the Charity was founded).

The Lovelace Trust Today.


This document includes:


  • The current Scheme dated 9th November 1995  - Clause 15 (1) sets out eligibility for grants. The trustees subsequently agreed that, as long as there were relations of John LOVELACE claiming, they would not entertain claims from non-relatives.
  • 2017 Annual Report of the Trustees 
  • 2018 Financial Accounts of the Trust - annual income, total grants and value of the trust capital

Half-yearly trustees’ meetings, when grants are allocated, are normally held in January and July. The next meeting will be on 23rd January 2020. Correspondence regarding applications for grants should be addressed to the clerk: by email here or by post to Clifthorne Farm, Kilmington, Axminster EX13 7HD,  UK